Layout of the Cemetery

The original sections of the cemetery lie along the gently sloping ridge that parallels Quaker Road. The earliest graves are concentrated toward the southern end. Most of the gravestones are clustered in family plots, some enclosed within fences or walls, some with a central family monument surrounded by smaller individual markers.

The more modern sections are located on the slope to the west. There are still a few family plots, but most plots contain only the graves of individuals or couples. This reflects the shift from a largely agricultural community, with families who remained here for generations, to a suburb composed of families who have moved here from elsewhere and may later move on.

An especially historic section of the cemetery is located at the southern end of the rear slope. It contains about 40 graves, which were moved here in 1903 when the enlargement of the Croton Reservoir forced the evacuation of the Croton Valley Quaker meetinghouse and graveyard. Several of the monuments are simple fieldstones that go back to the turn of the 19th century.

Gray Williams
December 9, 2013